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Fashion is For Everyone

We are the first fashion publishing & edtech company for kids in history. Think Disney meets Willy Wonka, but make it fashion. We're here to empower the next André Leon Talley, Eva Chen, Dame Pat McGrath and more. Join us on our journey!

Our Debut Title

The Little Red Dress

"A dress recalls her life—from design to fashion show and museum—in this debut rhyming picture book... Borer’s beautiful, stylish illustrations make use of ink and watercolor in a way that captures the dress’s fluid movement. The minimalist faces leave room for the imagination to fill in the details." "A stunningly illustrated, realistic look at the fashion industry, whimsically narrated by a dress." " In this series opener, Joseph deftly navigates the fashion process in lively poetry, making each step feel personal and important." -Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) Our debut title is already racking up rave reviews from its short pre-sale run as you can see from our glowing review from publishing industry standard Kirkus Reivews. We've partenred with Post Reality & Glimpse Group to supercharge this book with a number of augmented reality activations that bring The Little Red Dress to Life. Pre-order cycle II begins in May 2022 and runs until the end of August, shipping in September 2022.

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Fashion Industry Insights for Kids & Their Grown-Ups

Little Red Village

It takes a village to raise the next generation of fashion lovers, leaders, and creatives no matter what they may want to do in future. The Little Red Village is our call to arms for the fashion industry to come together and create content with us that pulls at the threads of what makes fashion function and finds ways to make it more engaging and inspiring. From our interveiew series (now podcast), to planned video games and more, Little Red Village is one way LRF is re-defining impact for the fashion industry.

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