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Books are great. Full education solutions are better. We’re developing phygital and app driven ed-tech for kids who love fashion. Buying a copy of our first E-book makes this future possible. Join us.

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Fashion is for Everyone
The Little Red Fashion Mission

Improve the future of fashion one download at a time

We are the first comprehensive fashion education solution for kids 8-18 in history We create books, apps, educational resources, and phygital tools to let imagination take flight for kids interested in the fashion industry at any level. Fashion is a uniquely relatable but under-utilized way to reach more kids with messages of empowerment, hope, and triumph. For kids who already love fashion. Isn't it time we gave kids who love clothing and style the same tools as their peers interested in sports or music? Fashion is for Everyone. Let's prove it, together.

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Our Debut Title

The Little Red Dress

Follow the story of The Little Red Dress as it narrates its' life story from sketch to sample, runway to photo-shoot, secondhand shop to musuem while teaching kids the ins and outs of how high fashion happens! Our debut digital title officially drops in late 2021, but is now available for pre-order! By securing your copy now, you're helping us build momentum to create better content, more tools, and the next three books in our series! Join us on our mission to share a love of fashion & creativity with kids, families, and classrooms everywhere. It takes a village, and we welcome you to ours!

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The Future of Fashion Mentorship

The Little Red Village

The Little Red Village is our digital mentorship platform slated for development in 2022. Our vision for creative play is a standalone app that turns fashion learning into a dynamic immersive game with a retro element. Until then, we're using Little Red Village to create unique interview content tailored to kids and families as a resource straight from the mouths of experts. Contact us at Info@LittleRedFashion.com to participate!

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Making Fashion Accessible

Ethical Publishing

We only have one planet. That's a fact. It's also a fact that both publishing and fashion as industries have a terrible track record of stewarding our precious earth. Our other precious resource is our team, our people. We are committed to paying our team fairly, equitably, and in contrast to many in the publishing space that includes our partner-authors for titles honoring diverse cultures. Our titles are available first in digital form each year to celebrate Fashion Week in the Spring; then during holiday season starting in 2021 can be ordered in print form for titles released up to that cycle!

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