3 Snow Day Activities for Kids Into Fashion

We've got 3 fun and easy activities for a snow day that kids of all ages can have fun with! Together they can foster further conversations about textiles, photography, modeling, and even color theory!


Welcome to the first of our new columns for parents, kids, caretakers, cool aunts and even babysitters looking for fun activities to do with kids that are fashion focused!

Check back every week for activities, ideas, information about online and IRL things to do that will expand their horizons and show them fashion for kids in a new way! My favorite thing about kids activities is that they aren’t just fun for them, they’re also fun for us grown ups looking to let our inner child out for a bit! Today we’re going to talk about 3 snow day activities you can do with the littles in your life that come to us complements of an old segment we used to do on Instagram called MAKE IT MONDAY! While we won’t be brining that segment back in video form (while we focus on building more kids books, more activity books for reading/writing and STEAM across grades levels)…that doesn’t mean we won’t be bringing some of our favorite activities back here on the blog so you don’t miss them!

It just so happens that I originally wrote this as a light snow fell, and am posting it the morning of the first ACTUAL snow day up in my neck of the woods in Connecticut!


SNOW DAY ACTIVITY 1: Fascinating Fascinator Challenge!

Sometimes a little competition on a snow day makes things more exciting! This challenge is as simple or complicated as you want to make it based on your materials at home.

A fascination is a form of millinery (hat-making.) for more on the art of hat making you can check out our recent interview with Detroit based milliner Gena Conti here!

This snow day activity is all about using what you’ve got to build a fascinator! Here are a few examples of fascinators for reference:

Green fascinator hat by gena conti

A bright floral fascinator by Gena Conti

Ship Fascinator Hat From Pearls & Swine
A very cool ship fascinator from a company called Pearls & Swine

For our version of this challenge we were restricted to paper and 1 or 2 found embellishments but you can go as wild as you want depending on the contents of your craft closet/basket/supply.

Activity Materials:

The fascinator base: This can either be a pre made one you can order them online super cheap (example) oryou can make your own fascinator base using a cardboard circle, the bottom 1/3 of a paper bowl, or even paper maché if you’re feeling bold! If you're feeling dramatic and have it on hand you can even use a woven placemat!

  • Paper or fabric to cover the base
  • Any embellishment you want to add like beads, feathers, sequins, netting etc.
  • A clip or bobby pins to be able to attach the fascinator to your head at the end.

Activity Rules

Each participant has the same baseline materials but embellishment choices should be up to individual tastes, letting kids pick their embellishments or fabrics is a great way to integrate teaching about colors or textures also!

Everyone has ½ hour to work on their fascinators, set a timer to make sure!

As soon as everyone is done, wear your fascinators and let someone who hasn’t taken part be the judge. If you don’t have anyone to do that, send pictures to family or friends and let them pick a winner! Since it’s a snow day activity, I think the winner should get extra marshmallows in their hot cocoa but that’s just me!  Snow day activities for kids should definitely include hot chocolate somewhere in the equation…right? Check out the video below from Make it Monday for some more inspiration!


SNOW DAY ACTIVITY 2: Snow Day Print Party

Let’s stamp out snow day boredom with some potatoes (or yams or really any other dense vegetable/fruit.) You’ve probably seen activities where you do this one in some form on paper, but have you tried it on some old t-shirts or other clothes you might want to throw away.

Like our first snow day activity the sky is really the limit here. If you have tie dye supplies at home AMAZING. If you don’t regularly fabric paint will do, you could even make a science experiment of it and try different types of inks/paints etc to see which give you the effects you want!

In fashion, textiles are printed a number of really exciting ways, discover some of your own with this easy all ages activity.

Activity Materials:

  • Potatoes or any starchy veg that’s dense (apples work too as you’ll see in our example video). You’ll want a couple to play with. We recommend having you (the grownup) handle the cutting for younger kids (but this is definitely an all ages snow day activity.)
  • Old tee shirts. Part of the fun/challenge here is working around stains by covering them up or hiding them in the design. This is a great way to teach kids about up-cycling and to have conversations about taking care of clothes so they don’t end up dirty before they have to. If you want you can even sprinkle in a conversation about sustainable fashion practices too!
  • Paint, pigment, ink etc. What types you choose are really up to your own comfort level with mess and washability. If you think we should do a post on different paints/pigments etc to help in this, let us know!
  • White Vinegar. This vinegar acts as a mordant. Mordants are chemicals that help set dye or pigment into a fabric permanently. Trust me, your washing machine and dryer will thank you for this part.

Activity Steps

  1. Make a game out of laying out all the materials first, this will keep things organized.
  2. Put all the paints or pigments you want to use on one side on plates, or dishes.
  3. Put all the t-shirts (or sheets, or whatever your heart desires printing wise) to the other side. Let’s call this the dry side. Set up a station for each activity participant where they can pick from the paints/pigments and stamps we’re about to make and work independently.
  4. Cut all your veggies/fruits in half.
  5. Have kids use a pencil or marker to draw designs on the cut side.
  6. Cut out the designs, but remember you’re cutting away from the design so it stands out like a stamp.
  7. Let everyone pick out their paints/pigments and line them up next to their shirts.
  8. TIME TO STAMP! This can go as long or short as you want. Remember, it’s all about creative play, but if you want to get more educational here are a few links to resources about color theory that may be fun to integrate for some!
  9. Once everyone has finished stamping, let everything dry for a while (we suggest an hour just in case, but it really depends on the paints/pigments you chose and their instructions.
  10. Once each item has dried, you should let it lie as flat as possible in a bath of white vinegar for five minutes, then rinse it in cold water to remove the vinegar smell so you can dry it properly.
  11. Enjoy your snow day print party swag!

Here’s a truncated version of this activity we did for a Make it Monday last year! We didn’t do the vinegar step because the office doesn’t have the right setup to show the vinegar bath/rinse/launder portion.


 This fashion snow day activity can be done on its own but, we think it caps off this 3 activity series REALLY well. It’s inspired by a contest we ran when we first started that kids and grown ups loved. What would fashion be without photography or modeling, right?Well, if you have some saucy outfits you love, a dress up box of clothes, or you just made a fascinator and a tee shirt…it’s time for a Little Red Fashion Photo Shoot!

All you need is either a smartphone or, if you’re feeling old school, a disposable or film camera and some good lighting.

The challenge though, is to find 3 locations in the house that you can make work. After all, you need a couple images for a proper shoot!

We recommend taking turns having kids be both photographer and model to give them a taste of both sides of the camera!

Here are some examples from our contest!

And of course our winner,Aniiya

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